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The Wild Bunch Corporation
112-08-03 TWB caldari investigation failed PDF Print E-mail
Written by Karagh   
Tuesday, 03 August 2010 08:34

In the past few weeks there where several accidents of TWB ships within the cluster. Most times while beeing in combat modules and ships became malfunctioning. Most times even with high piloting skills the capsuleers where not able to bypass the malfunction and escape out of an engagement. alt


With the loss of about 10 Harpy ships within a few weeks TWB officials got the sense of there is something going on wrong. Latly there where some struggles with caldari corporations so there may be a link between those. Upset competitors are always a threat - so it could be that those is some kind of payback for the latest agression. Impressive to note here that it is not made on a direct confrontation but more subtile with the sabotaging of electronical parts of combat ships.

However with the latest war against Jovian Enterprises as well as the local pirate forces as M34N, The Bastards and Bad Passion it became an additional level in complexity. At the moment it can not be stated if there is some linkage between them and the ship losses as well.

Due to this TWB started an investigation of those accidents. Ships and modules where confiscated as well as the remaining wrecks recovered. As this investigation was not successfull - as there was most times not much left to take a look on - TWB high command started official and inofficial interrogation of pilots as well as suppliers.

The peak event in this investigation was the death of an officer which where currently taking a look on the Wolf class ship of Morgan North. He was tying to figure out if the Afterburner modules of this ship where manipulated as well. Due to the stress and interrogations as well as the hot situation overall Morgan North killed the officer by accident.

TWB is sorry for the loss of this long time employee and will close the case for now. As result of the investigation the suppliers of caldari modules where changed and all ships where checked for further manipulations.


If there are any questions left about this case - send a mail to the TWB press agency.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 August 2010 08:36
112-05-25 TWB Member Wakame reincarnated PDF Print E-mail
Written by Karagh   
Wednesday, 26 May 2010 09:09

The recent death of one of our pilots, Wakame marks a new level of hostile engagements versus the TWB corporation. First time pirate forces were going directly in masses for a single pilot. Due to the overhelming and surprising attack in gallentean space - all help and support came too late to prevent the capsule of Wakame from its final destruction.

Karagh - director of TWB stated afterwards: "We tried everything to recover the body of Wakame for his family - to give them the chance to say goodbye at the funeral - of course we failed this part. It was not possible to recover the body from our pilot - even after hours of scanning the battle scene."

Till now it is unclear how it was possible to kill a TWB pilot instantly and without any traces. According to specialists this may only be the case if the connection between the capsule and the central network would be cut off - but if that would be the case the whole capsuleer infrastructure would be in danger as at any time at any place pilots could be cut off from the universe.

"At the moment we dont know anything about the death itself - we dont even know if Wakame is dead - his status for now is MIA. But if it was a sansha attack - we can assume he did not survive it."

Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 May 2010 09:12
112-05-14 Sansha Incursions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Karagh   
Friday, 14 May 2010 08:15
Sansha Nation forces have been launching attacks across the cluster for the past 72 hours. They've struck multiple times in Matari space (with unconfirmed as of yet success) and across the other three empires.

Last Updated on Friday, 14 May 2010 09:09
112-05-14 Sansha Invasion underway PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 14 May 2010 09:06
reported by ISD Zachary Zain | 2010.05.13 03:09:55


New Eden – Over the last two days, Sansha incursions have been reported in multiple systems across New Eden. On 12.05.112, four more raids took place, with True Slave transports apparently abducting people from the planets below.

Niarja, Balle, Tama and Kamela systems were attacked by Sansha's Nation today. Sansha's Nation fielded an estimated 50 vessels in Niarja, mostly of Sansha custom design, but brought in carriers similar to the Amarr Archon in Tama and Kamela. The fleets appear to have entered the target systems through extremely unstable wormholes that seem to be under Nation control; capsuleers report that they are blocked to non-Sansha ships and seem to close if the Sansha forces are destroyed, or when they achieve their goal and depart.

Niarja VII was the first of the attacks where it was confirmed that the Sansha had abducted approximately 50,000 citizens from the planet's surface. Imiarr Timshae, one of the many capsuleers who came to the system's defence, said "…The speed at which capsuleers arrived was admirable, but being on the scene there were simply not enough. Too many pilots were concerned with destroying the battleship-class attackers and the transports slipped through." The Sansha fleets abducted an estimated 100,000 in Tama and another 50,000 in Kamela, bringing the total count of people taken to at least 200,000. Sansha have been alleged to implant captives to create more True Slaves, but their intentions for these captives are as yet unknown.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 May 2010 09:13
112-04-27 TWB special forces attacked a caldari freighter PDF Print E-mail
Written by Karagh   
Tuesday, 27 April 2010 08:38

Saturday at 2:00 PM TWB director Karagh anounced the successfull attack on a caldari freighter.

"Our informants gave us a hint about a freighter which where transporting an improved blueprint of an ECM system which should be used versus our gallente allies. We prevented the mass production of this system and protected thousands of inhabitants of the gallente federation - as well as the minmatar repbublic."

Last Updated on Friday, 14 May 2010 08:20
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