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112-08-03 TWB caldari investigation failed PDF Print E-mail
Written by Karagh   
Tuesday, 03 August 2010 08:34

In the past few weeks there where several accidents of TWB ships within the cluster. Most times while beeing in combat modules and ships became malfunctioning. Most times even with high piloting skills the capsuleers where not able to bypass the malfunction and escape out of an engagement. alt


With the loss of about 10 Harpy ships within a few weeks TWB officials got the sense of there is something going on wrong. Latly there where some struggles with caldari corporations so there may be a link between those. Upset competitors are always a threat - so it could be that those is some kind of payback for the latest agression. Impressive to note here that it is not made on a direct confrontation but more subtile with the sabotaging of electronical parts of combat ships.

However with the latest war against Jovian Enterprises as well as the local pirate forces as M34N, The Bastards and Bad Passion it became an additional level in complexity. At the moment it can not be stated if there is some linkage between them and the ship losses as well.

Due to this TWB started an investigation of those accidents. Ships and modules where confiscated as well as the remaining wrecks recovered. As this investigation was not successfull - as there was most times not much left to take a look on - TWB high command started official and inofficial interrogation of pilots as well as suppliers.

The peak event in this investigation was the death of an officer which where currently taking a look on the Wolf class ship of Morgan North. He was tying to figure out if the Afterburner modules of this ship where manipulated as well. Due to the stress and interrogations as well as the hot situation overall Morgan North killed the officer by accident.

TWB is sorry for the loss of this long time employee and will close the case for now. As result of the investigation the suppliers of caldari modules where changed and all ships where checked for further manipulations.


If there are any questions left about this case - send a mail to the TWB press agency.

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112-04-27 TWB special forces attacked a caldari freighter PDF Print E-mail
Written by Karagh   
Tuesday, 27 April 2010 08:38

Saturday at 2:00 PM TWB director Karagh anounced the successfull attack on a caldari freighter.

"Our informants gave us a hint about a freighter which where transporting an improved blueprint of an ECM system which should be used versus our gallente allies. We prevented the mass production of this system and protected thousands of inhabitants of the gallente federation - as well as the minmatar repbublic."

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112-04-01 TWB hidden facility attacked by Angel Cartel PDF Print E-mail
Written by Karagh   
Thursday, 01 April 2010 23:08

Early in the morning a heavy combined angel cartel force attacked a hidden TWB research facility. The attack could be repelled while the defence guns where manned by TWB pilots to concentrate fire on the agressors. The folowing picture of the surveilance camera installed outside the facility shows the agressors.

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112-02-07 Pator RSS Station security alert PDF Print E-mail
Written by Karagh   
Sunday, 07 February 2010 18:25

Early this morning a security breach at docking ramp VI-061 was detected on the Pator RSS Kuhlheim station. Afterwards a large part of the docking bays as well as the storage sector where closed for public use. RSS troop transport ships where seen docking at the station an an unusual high presence of security forces where blocking the access to all sections. Normal station business was not availible for hours. Several reporters tried to get information about the closure of such large parts of the station. The Officer in Command gave just the following statement: "This sector is closed - and will not be reopened soon - please move on - there is nothing special ...". Well if there wouldnt be something special it would be not of any use to place full armed officers everywhere... Inhabitants of the station where forced to return to their quarters and all offices and shops where closed. Till now it is not clear if this security breach is linked to the ship destruction which occoured several weeks ago. This ship was destroyed while gate activation of a pator jump gate. The remaining parts of the destruction where moved to this station for further investigation and stored at docking ramp VI-061. It seems something went wrong on the investigation but no further information are availiable yet.

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112-01-08 accident investigation going on in Pator PDF Print E-mail
Written by Karagh   
Friday, 15 January 2010 10:41

Police forces have investigated the loss of a ship at one of the Pator gates last week. According to the report the ship where destroyed when it where activating the gate. A high energy feedback loop have damaged the integrity of the antimatter reactors of the ship. According to scientists this loopback was assumed to be a theoretical case which can practically not happen. "The chance of such a loopback is esteminated with 1:100Million gate activations" and several security systems within the gate and the ship should prevent such event from happen. "In normal cases the ship reactor and/or even the full stargate would shut down - seemd fortuna had a bad day...".

One of the surveillance cameras took this live shot of the accident.

Different organisations and traders are worried about this accident. Thousands ships, pilots and crews are using such gates every day - the whole infrastructure of this universe relies on the stargate network. What will happen if its proved they are unstable and highly dangerous? The manufacturer of the stargate as well as different high rank scientists have promised to support the investigation and to improve the security of the technology used.

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