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The Wild Bunch Corporation
112-01-02 Accident while Electus Matari Happy New Year Party PDF Print E-mail
Written by Karagh   
Sunday, 03 January 2010 18:04

Accident while Electus Matari Happy New Year Party

An acceleration gate malfunction was responsible for the death of the shuttle crew which where traveling through Pator. That is the official version of the accident which had lead to a glowing fireball at the gate yesterday.

Inofficial sources mention this was an armored transport which where escorted by a larger security force. According to the internal source this shuttle where transporting high rank members of a trade consortium to their next meeting. At the moment it is quiet unclear how it was possible to bypass the security level and to sabotage either the ship or the gate. Only high skilled expensive professionals would be able to do this.
Last Updated on Friday, 15 January 2010 11:16
111-12-09: Electus Matari joines Minmatar Militia PDF Print E-mail
Written by Karagh   
Wednesday, 23 December 2009 21:09

Pator, Kulheim RSS, 111/12/09, for immediate release.

Rumormongers have no doubt already noticed corporations leaving Electus Matari. This is to confirm the following:

1) Yes, this has indeed happened. Gradient, SoE Roughriders, and Re-Awakened Technologies have left the alliance today. Yes, this obviously is in order to join the Tribal Liberation Force.

2) Yes, while technically away from the alliance, we still consider ourselves members of Electus Matari, and abide by its rules and regulations as far as possible. The ties that bind us together as an alliance are stronger than CONCORD bureaucracy.

3) This move is part of a premeditated campaign with defined goals and duration. We will rejoin the alliance when the goals have been accomplished or the preset duration ends, whichever happens sooner.

4) No, we will of course not explain the details of said campaign in public.

To Electus Matari blues: we will not for the most case actively seek corporation level positive standings for the duration of the campaign, but will rely on NRDS and our concentrating on the Militia targets. Should this pose problems of friendly fire, please contact the CEOs of the corporations; +5 to EM blues will be granted after simple confirmation of mutual standings.

For Electus Matari reds-for-crimes: we still consider you valid targets. You have been warned.

For the Caldari Militia: be adviced that we consider you KOS alongside the Amarr.

For our brothers and sisters in the fight: Let's go blow stuff up.

I hereby declare my oath of loyalty to the Minmatar Republic. I absolutely and wholly renounce all pledges, fidelities, and allegiances to any foreign sovereignties or powers. I swear to support and defend the Minmatar Republic, its people, policies, holdings, and agents, its sovereignty and the integrity of its territory against all enemies and usurpers, foreign and domestic. I will bear arms on behalf of the Minmatar Republic in times of war, and will perform civil service on its behalf in times of peace. I will obey, uphold, and defend its laws and treaties. I will perform work of national importance under governmental, military, or civilian direction as required by the Minmatar Republic in times of emergency. I make this commitment unreservedly, with no mental reservation or purpose of evasion.

With this oath, I affirm and assert my loyalty to the Minmatar Republic.

Elsebeth Rhiannon

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 December 2009 21:13
111-11-25 Communicaion hook sucessfully removed from POS installation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Karagh   
Wednesday, 25 November 2009 10:04


After several days TWB special forces removed the object which where found hidden at a POS installation. According to the comanding officer it was rather hard to defuse this communication hook due to trapping circuits as well asexplosive charges. He mentioned that a minor mistake could have destruct the installation - which would be quiet expensive to be lost for TWB. Even though the outage due to the defusing will cost TWB several million ISK, According to TWB high command the outage was preferred to the total loss of the installation.

Last Updated on Friday, 15 January 2010 11:17
111-12-11 The Dysprosium Desaster PDF Print E-mail
Written by Karagh   
Wednesday, 23 December 2009 20:52

Some more news from the industrial frontline.

As some of you already may noticed the Dysprosium price is on a free fall at the moment and reached a critical point. Dysrpsium dropped in price within th alst 3 month from 180k ISK p/u to now 27k ISK p/u. Never in the history of Dysprosium it where at such a low price. It will have a heavy impact on the moon holders because their income per moon will decrease drastically per month per moon down to 1.814.400.000 (4 weeks * 168h * 100 units * price). It took ages and whole campaigns to take the moons and a lot of ships will have died in this struggles - so now it where all for nothing.

Analysis of Dysprosium:

As you can see in the attached image the trend is still downwards. The target price corridor will be at about 25k ISK or below. Dysprosium is used for Hypersynaptics and Ferrogel which are used in Sensor Clusters, Thrusters, Shield Emitters and Reactors. According to the latest inventions the requirements on those goods have decreased massivley. Thats why this moon mineral will be rather useless for critical strategic use in future.

Last Updated on Friday, 15 January 2010 11:29
111-11-20 Jita market crash continued PDF Print E-mail
Written by Karagh   
Monday, 23 November 2009 10:25
In the last weeks the instable price situation in jita have ruined some of the partipiating competitors. Due to a massive buyout of all availible t2 component parts, advanced materials, simple reactions as well as moon minerals with a total value of several hundred billion isk the prices where gone high. At the market panic afterwards lots of corporations emptied their stocks afterwards and the collapse of the market got much more worse. Dysprosium - the most valuable moon mineral dropped in price by more than 50 percent from about 200k ISK to 90k right now (note that there are several hundred thousands of units avialiable on the market). That way several hundred billions of market value where lost again.
Last Updated on Friday, 15 January 2010 11:27
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