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Written by Karagh   
Friday, 14 May 2010 08:15
Sansha Nation forces have been launching attacks across the cluster for the past 72 hours. They've struck multiple times in Matari space (with unconfirmed as of yet success) and across the other three empires.

These attacks are unique in several ways.

1: They are lead by a Capsuleer at the helm of each force, this is Rallence Ameteves, Ahmur Vubina or Slave 32512.

2: Attacks are being staged from a wormhole, leading to system J235456, a Class 5 Red Dwarf. Attempts by capsuleers to enter this wormhole have failed due to Capsule failsafe mechanisms preventing the jump.

3: Lowsec incursions have been lead by an Archon, Sansha demonstrating Capital support on multiple occasions.

Their attack pattern is the same each time. The target systems are all close to populated market hub systems, or high activity faction warfare systems. The planet is always a temperate class, where the wormhole is opened and fleet deployed.

The initial assault is a mass wave of Nightmares with support from Phantasms. If this is in low sec, the Carrier will instantly be deployed. During this stage they deploy transport ships, which if not intervened will drop ground forces to the surface to raid colonies for civilians to abduct. A single wave of these transport ships can take around 50,000 civilians.

A second wave of Nightmares and Phantasms is pushed through to secure the transport escape from the planets, at this point the Capsuleer commander arrives in his Nightmare, it is heavily tanked and posesses no firepower.

Current list of systems hit in Chronological order.

Frarn (EM fleet I believe engaged, AAR would be nice)
Niarja (50,000 civilians estimated to have been captured)
Tama (First carrier deployment, civilian losses to be measured at over 100,000)
Kamela (2 carriers deployed, 50,000 civilians estimated to have been captured)
Auga (Details sketchy, the 21st Imperial Crusade defended this attack, and they're busy chestbeating over it to actually release information)
Gyng (EM fleet engaged, AAR below)
Abudban (Details are limited, however the defence was hailed as a success)
Umokka (Nation struck two planets in the system at once. Reports state 150,000 civilians were taken.)

These attacks have happened around the clock at various times, across all three of our shifts.

After the Gyng attack, and before Abudban, all three Sansha capsuleers were seen in multiple systems broadcasting the same message.

Quote:Calling all capsuleers with proven loyalties to the Nation. Sympathizers and Loyalists alike; all are welcome. Unite with us against your misled kin and you will be rewarded. Let Master Kuvakei know of your interest, and we will let you know of our plans. For the Nation. For a new era.

Master Kuvakei is a registered Capsuleer serving in True Power for over a hundred years, for all intents and purposes it looks like Sansha Kuvakei is alive and kicking.

Statistic Addition:
Check this link for True Power Losses - so far there are 13 confirmed Nightmare kills, 5 Archons.

Nightmares have two (three) standard fits:
- "Shield tank crap fit"
- "Armor tank crap fit"
- Sometimes combined to the "shield tank crap fit with dps"

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