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Written by Karagh   
Wednesday, 26 May 2010 09:09

The recent death of one of our pilots, Wakame marks a new level of hostile engagements versus the TWB corporation. First time pirate forces were going directly in masses for a single pilot. Due to the overhelming and surprising attack in gallentean space - all help and support came too late to prevent the capsule of Wakame from its final destruction.

Karagh - director of TWB stated afterwards: "We tried everything to recover the body of Wakame for his family - to give them the chance to say goodbye at the funeral - of course we failed this part. It was not possible to recover the body from our pilot - even after hours of scanning the battle scene."

Till now it is unclear how it was possible to kill a TWB pilot instantly and without any traces. According to specialists this may only be the case if the connection between the capsule and the central network would be cut off - but if that would be the case the whole capsuleer infrastructure would be in danger as at any time at any place pilots could be cut off from the universe.

"At the moment we dont know anything about the death itself - we dont even know if Wakame is dead - his status for now is MIA. But if it was a sansha attack - we can assume he did not survive it."

Quote:From: CONCORD
Sent: 2010.05.19 04:42

The untimely death of fellow The Wild Bunch member Wakame, on 2010.05.19, is a source of sorrow to me and their many friends in the corporation. Please accept our deepest sympathies in your bereavement. Wakame was being reanimated at the cloning facility at the time when the fatal accident occurred. Wakame was admired by fellow corporation members. They were kind of OK, and almost trustable. We will all miss them. I realize that words can do little to console you at a time like this, but I want you to know that we share your sorrow. Sincerely, The Wild Bunch

Due to the latest attacks of pirate forces versus TWB as well as the escalating violent responses of this corporation vice versa officials have the sense of a private personal war going on here. Concord stated lately that TWB is under observation because of their violent and agressive activities in empire.

"We would not like to comment on those rumours. We are preventing the invading pirate forces from doing to much damage to the republic - any kind of response is not violent - but needed."

About the question "There are internal rumours of TWB selling the body from Wakame to the Sanshas ..." - the director Karagh got mad - "Stop talking shit - you're sitting here in the station - behind thick walls and shields. Take a look outside! there are hostile fleets and carriers swarming around and attacking your planets. Hundreds of thousands of inhabitants get enslaved every day - DO YOU REALLY THINK they would buy ONE body from us???". Afterwards the one who asked the question was forced to move out of the meeting room by security guards.

There is also good news.

"I am happy to announce we were able to recover the body of Wakame - he is currently at one of our medical stations for further investigations as well as recovering from the past days". Morgan North - a TWB member was able to recover the body of Wakame in a sansha attack wave on the minmatar republic.

According to Mr North the sanshas were able to get away with an attacking carrier while the support fleed but were killed by minmatar loyalists. "We managed to crack the hull of one of their ships and got signs of a TWB pilot inside - we stopped firing and tried to board the ship while the fight was ongoing around. We managed to get him out with some shootings inside the hostile ship - we broke off the fight in the system after we had recovered him".

"We will not make any further statements on the situation yet - as we need to give Wakame some time to recover - his status is very bad for now - but our scientists and doctors are doing whatever they can".



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