112-04-01 TWB hidden facility attacked by Angel Cartel PDF Print E-mail
Written by Karagh   
Thursday, 01 April 2010 23:08

Early in the morning a heavy combined angel cartel force attacked a hidden TWB research facility. The attack could be repelled while the defence guns where manned by TWB pilots to concentrate fire on the agressors. The folowing picture of the surveilance camera installed outside the facility shows the agressors.

According to TWB officials the Angel attackers where trying to slow down or even stop the research on a new Rifter design. Pier K8 has developed and designed a new generation of Rifters and the facility contained a new prototype named "TWB 07i". Right now TWB assumes that there where no information lost and the Angel forces where not able to breach the security system. "We have installed an improved defence system - as we know this would happen somewhen. We where lucky it happens directly after we installed new guns. According to our protocols we inflicted about 3500 damage to their ships which nearly exploded instant." Verifax - a new TWB member where doing test runs with the new prototype ships. "We where doing some raids on small angel patrols - maybe thats why the angels got a hint about our experiments". Verifax was the first time at this base as he was on a simple supply run to keep the stocks up with Quafe and Tritanium. Scouts reported no signs of danger - so it was expected to be an easy run. However it turned then into a nightmare which where not expected in the experiments - but the prototype ship survived and is now under investigation after the infights. Blue forces from the Minmatar Death Squad where needed to support TWB pilots to repell several pirate encounters in the aldodan region. "Thanks to all the pilots who helped in the defence of our facility - we will not allow pirate forces to get access to our R&D results. We will repell their attacks at any costs!" Karagh

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