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Written by Karagh   
Friday, 15 January 2010 10:41

Police forces have investigated the loss of a ship at one of the Pator gates last week. According to the report the ship where destroyed when it where activating the gate. A high energy feedback loop have damaged the integrity of the antimatter reactors of the ship. According to scientists this loopback was assumed to be a theoretical case which can practically not happen. "The chance of such a loopback is esteminated with 1:100Million gate activations" and several security systems within the gate and the ship should prevent such event from happen. "In normal cases the ship reactor and/or even the full stargate would shut down - seemd fortuna had a bad day...".

One of the surveillance cameras took this live shot of the accident.

Different organisations and traders are worried about this accident. Thousands ships, pilots and crews are using such gates every day - the whole infrastructure of this universe relies on the stargate network. What will happen if its proved they are unstable and highly dangerous? The manufacturer of the stargate as well as different high rank scientists have promised to support the investigation and to improve the security of the technology used.

The police report further mentioned it is rather surprising that the gate and or this special ship had a malfunction. The armored transporter where escorted by security forces to transport members of a trading consortium to their next meeting. Officials of this consortium as well as the mercenary organisation did not wanted to reply to any question nor did not wanted to get mentioned in any way. According to the police investigation the the transport did not haul illegal, explosive or any other dangerous materials and fullfilled all security standards.

The wreck where investigated as well - even if it where hard to collect thousands of parts floating around the gate. Most of the wreck parts melted in the explosion and where unusable for further use. "At the moment it is impossible to give a hint if this ship where destroyed by some explosive charge or any sabotage ... we are simply stumped about the reason of this desaster".

According to the information of the report TWB directors where interviewed by the police at the Pator VII (Kuhlheim) RSSAP station while the the Electus Matari celebrated their happy new year dinner at Orchid Gardens restaurant. This fact is rather surprising, because TWB nor Electus Matari are linked in any way to the stargate, the ship or any of the victims of this accident. TWB officials did not want to comment the accident nor the investigation of the police. But it seems some of the parts of the ship where enforced by a special armored hull which could be recovered by the police. "Due to this it was possible to get some data out of the remaining parts - within the data fragments we where able to recover partly a TWB report which is named 'Project Carthago'. It seems it contains information about an industrial campaign with cost and time planning and some internal information - which would be quiet interessting because of the victims of the accident where industrials as well - but TWB as well as Electus Matari did not want to answer any of our question about this project nor to their connection to this accident. If TWB did not want to cooperate with us we will have to enforce them ..."

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