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Written by Karagh   
Sunday, 10 January 2010 13:58
Pator, Kulheim RSS, 112/01/09, for immediate release.

* * *

Electus Matari corporations are withdrawing from the Minmatar Militia after a successful campaign. The campaign ends slightly short of original plans, with campaign goals accomplished.

Our brothers and sisters in the Militia, we thank you for this chance to fly by your side. This has been a time of glory, and we are grateful for having been able to share that with you. Many old ties were renewed and new ones forged.

During our weeks in the Militia, Gradient won the Militia Plexers' Prize three times. We have decided to use the prize money to provide to the friendly Militia free Rifters with complete fittings for complex work. These ships are ready and available in the warzone; kindly contact any member of the corporation if you wish to receive one. First come, first served, as long as isk remains.

The alliance has unfinished business with certain less respectable elements in the Militia. This will be taken care of regardless of the campaign ending.

* * *

Electus Matari is an alliance of independent corporations, loyal to the Minmatar Republic, and dedicated to her support and defense.

This current campaign started on 111/12/10 as a response to a large number of systems in Metropolis falling into enemy hands. At its start, nineteen Republic systems were occupied by hostile forces; at its end, none remain in Amarrian control. The campaign culminated in the end of the 382 days of Lantorn under Amarrian occupation.

Never again.

Elsebeth Rhiannon

For further information, post questions in this thread, or contact:
Elsebeth Rhiannon, PR officer
Arkady Sadik, Fleet Commander
Rocius, Alliance Executor
Arthur Black, Main Diplomat
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