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Written by Karagh   
Tuesday, 27 April 2010 08:38

Saturday at 2:00 PM TWB director Karagh anounced the successfull attack on a caldari freighter.

"Our informants gave us a hint about a freighter which where transporting an improved blueprint of an ECM system which should be used versus our gallente allies. We prevented the mass production of this system and protected thousands of inhabitants of the gallente federation - as well as the minmatar repbublic."

According to the latest reports the freighter where located in a save docking bay at a station while the attack took place. Local police forces did not get notice about the attack because the attackers where using a camouflaged ship - the security system was not able to detect it due to a camouflaged sensor signal.

This picture shows the closing of a caldari battlecruiser towards the freighter:

"Our scientists had cracked the ships sensors and where emitting a malformed signal - so the hostile ship as well as the station security system was not able to detect the TWB ship. Our crew cracked the hostile ship hull while docked in hangar and afterwards special force units where gone in. We hit them fast - we hit them hard. After some shootings inside the hostile freighter our forces made it to the main storage. We where able to secure a ECM Ion Field Projector Blueprint II which is currently under investigation."

"This is our response to the latest attack vs our installations, scientists as well as the attack versus the minmatar republic. Everyone should know: you cant hide from us - we will find you at all costs - we will hunt you down - there is no chance of escape!"

We assume director Karagh is refering to the latest attack of Angel forces which where attacking a TWB installation link.

Local police forces are very unhappy about the attack - because the damage to the freighter as well as the bloody 'conversation' on board of the freighter where illegal. However the currently unknown holder of the freighter did not want to cooperate with the police force and stated they will 'solve' the problem on their own.

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